Advanced Protection - AppLock

Advanced Protection - AppLock

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Mar 25, 2018


DoMobile Lab

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Android 4.2 and up

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May 08, 2018

The description of Advanced Protection - AppLock

<p>Advanced Protection - AppLock requires <a href="/app/apk/com.domobile.applock/">AppLock</a> app to be installed on your device. The minimum version of supported AppLock app is v1.96. If you haven't installed the app yet, then you must download AppLock and install it before trying Advanced Protection app on your device. When installed, this app adds an extra layer of security to your device and it is ensured that unauthorized persons don't get enough power to uninstall or modify content on your device without your consent. i.e.&nbsp;Advanced Protection - AppLock lets you set a password and this password will be required every time someone will attempt to uninstall or unlock an app.</p> <p>Although AppLock app is a handy one which allows you to kill, lock or uninstall apps that you don't want to be there on your device or the ones that contain sensitive or private data, but sometimes the app may act as a double-edged sword. Any person may destroy your data or may make your apps unusable by locking / killing them. To eliminate risks like this, you must install&nbsp;Advanced Protection - AppLock add-on which will provide a bulletproof security to AppLock's operations by adding a password option.</p> <p>If you don't want this add-on anymore after installing it, then you can simply remove the item from the&nbsp;left menu bar in AppLock. Also, keep this in mind that&nbsp;Advanced Protection - AppLock doesn't start working right away when you install it, instead you need to enable the advanced protection from AppLock's settings after installing this add-on. We hope that you will feel the&nbsp;peace of mind once this item is downloaded and installed. Download its latest free APK file on this page or you can scroll below to find any older version APK also just in case your device doesn't support the latest version.</p>
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