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Mar 24, 2018



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Android 4.2 and up

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May 08, 2018

The description of ADW.Launcher

ADW.Launcher has the support of widest range of Android OS versions and you can download APK file of this app to decorate your device's screen without worrying about which version of the Android OS does it currently run. You can use this superb personalization app to replace the default home-screen of your Android tablet or the phone. To get a personalization solution with tons of skins, themes and wallpapers, download ADW.Launcher for free right away.

With ADW.Launcher app, you can customize the home-screen of your Android device the way you like. You can categorize the apps and widgets in groups according to your convenience. You can hide those apps which aren't been used frequently. By removing unwanted apps, you can free-up a considerable amount of space on your device's desktop. Moreover, you can choose a color scheme or skin of your choice your eyes love most.

Swipe operations mostly are offered in paid launcher apps but the free ADW.Launcher is here for you with swipe functions enabled. You can swipe up, down, left or right to perform several actions. There is a configurable 'Actionbar' which can be customized easily. Its looks is similar to that of the Actionbar of the OS version Android 3.x so with ADW.Launcher, you can bring this bar on your device even if it is running a lower version of the OS.

The launcher brings an icon editor also. With this feature, you can edit the icons of apps and widgets. You can replace the icons with custom ones to customize the device screen like just your eyes love to see. You can edit and tweak folders also. In addition to simple UI tweaks, you can play around to enable different types of animations also as well as paginated layout is enabled for shorts too.

If you plan to get even more features, then ADW.Launcher EX is the option for you. It is a paid version of this famous launcher app which brings more possibilities of customization on your Android tablet or the phone. The premium version of the app includes more app drawers, 3D animated effects like 3D Cube, 3D Wall, 3D Waterfall and many others. A lot of desktop transition effects are there in ADW.Launcher EX which make it a great deal for the money you spend to get it to personalize the desktop of your Android device.

In addition to several other features, the EX version of the app makes backup and restoring of the settings super easy for you. You can easily backup your settings and then you can restore everything back on a new device or the current one after a hard reset or any other change. Icon resizing has been made more easy in the EX version of the app and you can enjoy high resolution icons from different themes using the ADW.Launcher EX.

In the paid version of the app, you can save your settings to a preset. This custom preset can be used to restore the same settings later with a single tap. In such a way, this feature allows you to get your personalized settings back easily on a new device or the same device whenever you will be needing to restore the layout of a previous setting. Lastly, you can share your settings with friends also so they will be able to apply an exact design on their phones and tablets also.

Now let's proceed to download APK file of ADW.Launcher free. This will install the latest version of the app on your device just in case you were not be able to install ADW.Launcher from Google Play Store or elsewhere. Download, install, customize and feel better with the improved desktop of your Android tablet or the phone.

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