Bounty Stars APK

Hundreds of criminals are wandering in the sky threating the peace of planets and their routes, criminal’s attacks on traders and loot whatever they have. Different planets kept a huge bounty on such criminals that means bounty hunters have the great opportunity to earn some bounty through action and thrill. Before anyone catches them use your tracking abilities and hunt them down to get the bounty and mark your place in Bounty Stars. It’s not easy to hunt down the fierce and dangerous criminals alone so make your own fleet and train amateur crew for the adventure in Bounty Stars and get them before they know what hit them.

Don’t miss the chance of getting the bounty in Bounty Stars and download the APK file right now and let the fun begin with the one of the coolest RPG game ever.


You just enter the world of vicious criminal and cool bounty hunters, so you need a complete fleet to travel far away in this dangerous galaxy full with terrible and dangerous secrets, train your amateur crew and upgrade them with new items looted from criminals or purchase items from the Bounty Stars game store. In the duel between you and criminals each get one opportunity to attack so use it wisely and make a perfect strategy before a duel because a perfect strategy leads improves the margin of success. Animated graphics makes the game cooler and effects for explosives and attacks makes it more interesting.

Games features

There is no need to spend money for this cool game everyone can download the APK file of Bounty Stars easily, you are going to lead your own elite fleet and army enhanced with weapons and items of modern technology and take down your bounty with unique and effective strategies no one ever used before, explore the numerous hidden secrets of galaxy with your crew and fighter jets and make it more safer than before.

So download the APK file right now and become the epic Bounty Stars ever, keep visiting our website for more cool and new games and applications for your smartphone. 

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