AndroZip™ FREE File Manager

AndroZip™ FREE File Manager

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Mar 24, 2018


AVG Mobile

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Android 4.2 and up

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May 08, 2018

The description of AndroZip™ FREE File Manager

One of the oldest file managers and zip archivers available for Android platform - AndroZip™ FREE File Manager is here for you. Download AndroZip™ FREE File Manager apk file right away to manage your files easily on your Android tablet and phone. This is a combo tool which lets you manage your files traditionally as well as you can create zips and can unzip files on the fly. Search for your files, find and manage them as well as search for your favorite music or videos within the storage of your device to find them easily. AndroZip™ FREE File Manager is free and you can install it via its apk file or the app can be installed from the official Android Market here.

AndroZip™ FREE File Manage supports several compression formats like ZIP, TARRARGZIP,BZIP2, encrypted ZIP archives and many more. With this free app, all these and several other archives can be decompressed as well as you can compress your files to create archives in any of above mentioned formats.

In addition to common file management, compression and decompression of archives and other features, AndroZip™ comes with an inbuilt task killer too. Keep your device in a good working condition by terminating unnecessary apps running in background. Free up the storage and memory of your device easily with this app. Moreover, APK installation has been made easy by this app.

Yet another important feature of the app is its support for sending files to others via email. If you need to send any file to some friend or any family member, just do it from within AndroZip™ file manager. View the target file, do the required modifications to the files and send them to the target persons easily, all for free!

Download apk of the app for free at below download link. It is always free!

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