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Adskip Browser

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Aug 19, 2018


Version 1.1.3



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Aug 19, 2018


Adskip Browser by APKBucket Editorial

The most annoying thing about surfing and browsing is the ads that never let you surf in peace. For this purpose, adskip is the best way to cope with the problem. It is not like the other app extensions that block the ads in all your browsers. It is a whole browser that allows fast, simple and smooth browsing along with no ads, absolutely no ads.

This app provides you the most smooth and ad free browsing experience. All the pop up ads and the sited ads are automatically blocked through this browser. Ad blocking is different than ad skipping and this is ad skipping that creates an amazing and smooth browsing environment. 

Download this app and get a smooth and simple browsing app that has a better environment to make you love surfing. The features of this app are amazing and some of them are as follows. This app doesn't eat your data or share your data with any other apps.

The privacy and data is secure with this app through intelligent technologies. The user interface is too simple and humanised. With all the functions of a perfect browser, this app allows you to have an ad free browsing experience with smooth surfing!

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