Air Call-Accept free (Necta)

Air Call-Accept free (Necta)

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Aug 20, 2018


Version 2.7.6



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Aug 20, 2018


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App: Air Call-Accept free (Necta)
Dev: WiFi Mouse
Version: 2.7.6
APK Size: 0.81MB
APK SHA1: 63b80aca886fca6bf458e3d6fed7fe5baf5a2194
Published: 2017-08-03
Updated on: Aug 03
Category: Communication
Supports: Android 1.5 and up
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With this app, you can effortlessly answer or reject your phone calls without even touching it!

Using the proximity sensor on your phone, it detects when you wave your hands over the screen or when you place the phone to your ear.

Especially useful for drivers with a bluetooth headset, it means you don't have to fiddle around trying to press the correct button, leaving you to concentrate on the road.

If you don't use a bluetooth headset, you can automatically turn speakerphone on to answer calls within the settings, again making life easier on the road.

Key features:
* Answer calls:
When your hands or ear close to the proximity senor, it will auto answer the received call.
If you driving the car, you can auto answer the call.
* Reject calls
When your hands or ear close to the proximity senor, it will control the phone to reject the received call.
If you are busy, you can easy to reject call.
* Speaker on when answer call:
When answer the call, it will turn on the speaker automaticly.
If your mouth cannot close to the microphone, you can set the Speaker on.
* Send SMS when reject call:
It will send SMS to caller when reject the call. You can specify the SMS message content at setting page.
* Show useful tools dialog when end call:
You can call back, send SMS, or add to contacts, send other contact to the caller.

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