Ali Baba vs Treasure

Ali Baba vs Treasure

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Aug 19, 2018


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Aug 19, 2018


Ali Baba vs Treasure by APKBucket Editorial

Ali Baba and the Forty thieves are one of the gems of our childhood about which we will never forget. We will keep telling our children these amazing stories and they will stay alive with us forever. If you ever feel that you want to relive those childhood memories then this beautiful android game can be helpful which is called Ali Baba vs Treasure. Ali Baba the adventurer is back on android smartphone again in the search of treasures. Do you want to be the one guiding him towards his goal? Download the free APK for Ali Baba vs Treasure and install the game to begin the adventure.

The game works in the simplest of ways. Just help Ali Baba to locate different treasure hidden all across the map to make him rich again. An awesome chance to relive your childhood and make Ali Baba rich again who has lost all his wealth. The world of the game is designed beautifully with nice graphics and audio that builds your interest in the game. Just control Ali Baba on his run towards treasures, jump and slides to avoid the obstacles and achieve the treasures.

There is much in the game which you can find out by playing it. Download the free APK for Ali Baba vs Treasure and start reliving your childhood through a marvelous android game.

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