Alphabet, numerals and colors

Alphabet, numerals and colors

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Aug 15, 2018




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Nov 02, 2018


Alphabet, numerals and colors by chushkina

All the kids are very fond of fun and colorful pictures. In our application the children in the form of a game will be able to learn letters and words. Thanks to a special technique of learning occurs quickly.
Home "ABC" is specially designed for kids first steps to the immense world languages ​​Russian, English and Ukrainian! In contrast to the usual and boring lessons, games transform the teaching of reading and spelling in a fun and exciting process.
All tasks can be divided into categories depending on the complexity:
 - Game on memorizing letters and sounds;
 - Exercises on the ratio of the first letters of the word;
 - Familiarity with tsifpami and color politrila.

Sure, you need to start learning to read with the alphabet.
Our multi-lingual app for kids to help you with this! In the game the child will get acquainted with all 33 letters of the Russian alphabet and 26 letters of the English alphabet, hear their correct pronunciation and see which words they found.
After the baby will master the alphabet, you can proceed to more complex game tasks aimed at finding and repetition of letters, remembering prioritization of their location in the alphabet.
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