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Aug 19, 2018





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Aug 19, 2018


Amazon Silk Browser by APKBucket Editorial

Based on the Chromium source code, Amazon's Silk Browser is among best-performing Internet browsers for Android devices. The browser uses main features from the same code out of which Google's Chrome has evolved. It means that Silk Browser is also going to perform as well as the Chrome from Google does. Amazon Silk Browser supports Android OS 4.x but it is mainly targeted to Android 6.0 as of now. As the app isn't available on Google Play Store as of now, so you can download Amazon Silk APK file from this page to install the browser on your device.

Amazon Silk Browser is unique in the sense that most of its operations are server based. You might be well aware of the solid infrastructure of Amazon. These servers are used to process online web pages before they are sent to your browser. For example, when you request a web page, the page is first rendered and processed by the servers sitting behind the browser at Amazon's data centers and a super-optimized web page is sent to you after quick processing. All this happens in milliseconds so you don't even realize that the page was processed somewhere before you are viewing it on your Android device's screen.

APK file of Amazon Silk comes in a size of about 50MBs. The file is a standalone package will install Amazon Silk Browser on your Android device. After installing the app on your device, you will surely feel some good improvement in your browsing experience on the small screen of your device.

In past, the cloud-based rendering and processing of web pages raise several questions which were talking about the privacy of users. Questions were stating that why would Amazon pass traffic / user's requests through their servers when the user isn't knowing about it at all. To solve complications like this, Amazon Silk Browser's latest versions offer an option through which this server-side page processing can be turned off.

In addition, Amazon uses Google's SPDY technology to improve page load times. By integrating this feature into their browser, Amazon has taken an effective step in order to bring Silk up to the competition level with other brands. Due to all these features, Amazon Silk is a good option for those who want to experience a faster browsing experience on their device. If you aren't happy with your current Internet browser, then you can install Amazon Silk (by downloading its APK) and hopefully you will experience improvement in web browsing speed on your Android device.

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