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Ampere Charging

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Aug 20, 2018


ABA Studio


Version 1.1.1



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Aug 20, 2018


Ampere Charging by ABA Studio

App: Ampere Charging
Dev: ABA Studio
Version: 1.1.1
APK Size: 3.22MB
APK SHA1: 22c9202b231e79fa5628f0e21f9a2aa844e1e653
Published: 2017-07-25
Updated on: Jul 25
Category: Tools
Supports: Android 3.0.x and up
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Do you want to know,
Rechargeable charger that you use to speed faster or slower than the other charger
How much longer then your device battery fully
In 1s, your device is charging many mAh?
We bring you a solution to be able to know all those things.
Ampere Charging: the perfect solution for the inspection speed and time charging the battery is full

Ampere Charging also bring many features else:
* Quick charging mode: optimizes battery recharge time
* Auto refresh speed charging: Update-speed real-time charging
* Play sound khi full battery: Notify you when the battery is full
- Shows the full information of the battery:
+ Device Model
+ Battery Technology
+ Temperature baterry
+ Voltage Battery
- Charger (USB / AC / Wireless)
- USB cable
- Phone Type
and much more information
The app is completely free and will always be updated according to the feedback of users.

Thank you for using Ampere donwoad and Charging
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