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Aug 19, 2018


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Aug 19, 2018


Angry Birds by APKBucket Editorial

Angry Birds for Android your task is to help the Angry birds to revenge on the greedy pigs who stole their eggs. Use the unique powers of each bird to destroy fortresses of pigs. The basis of gameplay Angry Birds, a feature is a challenging physics. Each of the 195 levels requires logic, skill, and force to completely destroy the fortress!


In this game the player uses a slingshot to launch birds at pigs stationed on or within various structures, with the intent of destroying all the pigs on the playing field. When the player completes the level (or episode), he opens up new levels and new birds also Rovio Mobile has supported Angry Birds with numerous free updates and additions. As is well-known spyware[2].


Of the rollers in the game you can see that green pigs steal the eggs of birds for the purpose of making scrambled eggs for Breakfast king. The angry birds decide to take revenge and to return the eggs back. During the game pig hiding in buildings, consisting of blocks of various materials — wood, ice, stone, snow, clouds, sand. Launching birds from a slingshot, you must destroy all the pigs on the level. The level is passed, if it was destroyed all pigs. They are destroyed as a direct hit, and with blocks of destructible buildings and falling from a great height. In the episode Red's Mighty Feathers (Mighty feathers red") there are levels with a different gameplay — the pig going on the designs of the Bad Piggies and try to steal the egg. The purpose of these levels — not to take the egg over the edge of the screen. A method of producing stars here also changed — the first star is given for the preservation of eggs, second — if this more and defeat all the pigs (they can fly or evacuate in case of breakage of the machine), and the third — if it still does not run more than a certain number of birds (birds in such endless levels). In addition, the game features bonus levels, Golden eggs, a kind of Easter eggs. In the game Angry Birds Rio Golden eggs instead of the need to collect Golden fruit. In the game 32 (Angry Birds), 57 (Angry Birds Seasons), 160 (Angry Birds Rio). For each found egg or fruit open one bonus level. In one level of the original game to get the egg you need to click on the chest

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