Animal Racing : Donkey v1.0 APK

App name: Animal Racing : Donkey

APK Version: 1.0

File size: 24.81MB

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I can bet you have tried so many simulator games whether it's the racing games or the parking games or the driving games or the learning games or the drifting games. Who have tried racing in The Limited traffic and in the unlimited traffic. You have experienced drifting and driving on all the breathtaking locations. I can bet you made so many opponents and enemies envious of your racing skills. You have fun with your real-life friends and family in the multiplayer games. You have experience the stunning graphics and the 3D racing games.

You fought with the real life humans in the games but what you haven't experienced is the animal racing. Yes you heard me right the animal racing. This time the challenge is big and the animals are small. Sound funny, ha-ha. It is really true when we say that this game is a complete animal racing game. This game allows you to race with your animals and get to the highest ranks just as you race with the real life humans and get to the ranks.

There are so many games off the same developer that allows you to race with different and various animals of your choice. In this game you are going to race with your donkey. The track is wide and vast. You have to run fast and fast to win the race. There are no limits you can win as many races as possible with your very own donkey. You can find all the other animal racing games on the Google Play Store.

Features of this game are breathtaking. You are going to experience the excellent and stunning visuals and graphics. You have to control your donkey video controls or tilting your screen or whatever you choose. You have tried all the racing games you should definitely try this one too. Download this game and experience the animal racing at its very best.


Developer: Dragon Master


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