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AppLock Theme Love

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Aug 20, 2018


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Aug 20, 2018


AppLock Theme Love by APKBucket Editorial

App Name: AppLock Theme Love
By: Video Editor
Current Version: 1.0
APK Size: 5.95MB
APK SHA1 Hash: fac267f3cc6b92ffc41204ff5f4cfd0be1570a75
Added: 2017-07-31
Updated: Jul 31
Category: Tools
Supports: Android 2.3 and up
Downloads: 0
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♥♥♥ AppLock Theme Love ♥♥♥

AppLock Theme Love app can lock apps, games, photo, SMS (lock messenger message), email, lock important
files, hide video, lock incoming call, lock chat, contacts, and any secret file anything you
want to lock.

AppLock Theme Love Free Privacy for Android Application with smart Privacy Guard looking Good Design.
Applock can Protect your Secure information against Noisy Family Members or Secret Enemy.

this applock is Lock your Application Such as Facebook, Line, Messanger,WhatsApp,SMS, Family
Contacts, All Emails, and also Games with 3D Secure Password, Patten, and Gesture Keycode.

You can also Hide your Personal HOT Video and Dirty Love Photos against your Collage friends and

A Huge number of themes with plenty of unlocking style, ios style, android style beyond your

Use pattern / Pin password to protect your apps, 4 digits as password. You can also set the pattern
lock on your apps and data or etc...

Additional Feature :

♥ Take a snapshot of the person who entered wrong password up to two times.

♥ Unlock sound enable/disable.

♥ Protect your phone, nobody can access your phone without password.

♥ Photo vault,File vault,Video vault,Audio vault in Applock-Privacy,Hide,Safe.

♥ Change theme of lock screen with many beautiful themes.

♥ Change background of lock screen with many awesome background.

♥ Support smart phone, tablet devices,etc...

♥ This AppLock application have no need to connect the internet.

♥ It is fully free download from android market.
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