Auto-Start No Root Required

Auto-Start No Root Required

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Publish date

Nov 09, 2018


Sono Mobi


Version 1.9



Updated date

Nov 09, 2018


Auto-Start No Root Required by Sono Mobi

It's an app where users can select any app from their installed application list. This app allows user to set that particular selected app to get started at the time of boot completion.

Select which application you want to auto start after phone startup ( boot-up ). Auto Start No Root Required works on phones/tablets and it doesn't require any root permission.

* Does NOT need root!
* Make any app to autostart at system startup (boot-up) automatically.

You have a tablet or Android Box installed in a store or kiosk and you want your app to automatically be launched when the store manager switches on the device in the morning every time without him having to navigate to your app manually and opening the app every day.
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