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About Baidu Easy Root


Baidu Root APK is one of the most popular apps used to widen your security dimensions so you can install apps or games that have restricted access. In simpler words, Baidu Root APK App is used to root your device (whether be it a smartphone or a tablet) to allow access which was restricted previously by the manufacturing company. Much like jailbreaking is a term used for iPhones, rooting is a term used for Android devices to explore new horizons of capabilities for your device.

The Baidu Root APK App was originally released by a Chinese company with no subtitles for international users. However, lucky for users now that along with Chinese Language, subtitles in the English Language are also available.

The latest version of the Baidu Root APK App is v6.0 with an installation size of 8.48 MB.

Baidu Easy Root FEATURES

  • The Baidu Root APK App is absolutely free of cost to download and use.
  • It is flexible and easy to use.
  • The Baidu Root APK App also helps to root extremely outdated Android devices (smartphone or tablet).
  • Through Baidu Root APK App you will also be able to boost the speed and efficiency of your smartphone.
  • The Baidu Root APK App supports over 6000 different Android smartphones!
  • Baidu Root APK App also helps in deleting previously installed applications.
  • It is a one-click optimization app so even beginners can use it too.
  • The Baidu Root APK App is compatible with Android 4.0+.
  • The Baidu Root APK App is completely risk-free.
  • It also increases the battery life of your phone.
  • You are free to download apps from any third party after installing Baidu Root APK App.
  • The app also allows you to modify your memory settings.
  • The Baidu Root APK App is completely free of any virus and malware and is completely reliable. Rest assured, your phone is in safe hands.
  • The app also maintains your privacy by regularly monitoring your app activity.
  • The Baidu Root APK App can also function as an eraser by deleting apps on your phone to free up storage so you can have more space to do whatever you want to!
  • The app also prevents blocking ads found in other apps.
  • The Baidu Root APK App also allows for a faster and more accurate booting process.
  • The app also allows you to add custom ROMs.
  • The best feature of rooting your phone is that it fully backups your phone with a custom recovery option.

The Baidu Root APK App is not available on the Google Play store. However, it can be easily downloaded and installed from a PC with an internet facility. Moreover, it supports all Android versions from 2.2 - 7.0 making it easier for everyone to take advantage of the app.

Baidu Easy Root APK Details

Current Version V2.8.6 (2806)
Has Split APKs No
Has OBB Data No
Installation Size 10.7 MB
Downloads 5.47K

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