Barnacle WiFi Tether

Barnacle WiFi Tether

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Aug 21, 2018


Version 0.6.7 (evo)



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Aug 21, 2018


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Complete Information of Barnacle Wi.Fi Tether APK


What is barnacle tether apk?

If you not know, what is barnacle tether apk? Then you get the proper answer here in detail.

Many apps are introduced in the market of android applications and apps. Barnacle tether apk is also the latest router app of tether app. By the using the barnacle router, you can share your internet with other friends devises easily. Barnacle is a wireless AD-hoc hotspot. This app provides tethering and access on your android phone.

  • DHCP 
  • Nat 
  • WLAN ad-hoc setup

For this app, certain ROMs are required. Due to a lake of ROM capacity, some function will not work properly. We can download Barnacle tether router up here and from any famous android app website.

Specification of Barnacle tether apk

  • The specification in detail is following. 
  • The latest version of this app is 0.67 (ove).
  • The Android device required is 1.5 and up.
  • It was updated in 2016, 07, 16.


How to download barnacle tether apk?

If you want to download barnacle tether but you do not know how it downloads. The method of download is very easy. For this purpose, read these steps with care and follow all steps.

With barnacle tether, you can turn your android device into a wireless ad-hoc access. 

First of all, root access is necessary to get root access in your device for download barnacle tether app.

In the second step, download the application of barnacle tether from any website. You can download this app here.

At the last, connect your PC with the ad-hoc network.

This app act like a wireless router, to connect one device to another device, via the phones 2G or 3G mobile.

Most effective features of barnacle tether apk

If you want to get information about barnacle tether apk features in detail. So this place is very beneficial for you, here you can get proper information about any android apps, games, application and other many things related to Android. The list of barnacle tether feature is following.

  • You can turn your smartphone into a wireless sharing router.
  • Your phone will root but it more protects automatically your phone.
  • You can share internet data with other friends in the easy way.
  • Your device will work as same as unrooted.
  • It will provide you with complete security.
  • Its use is very easy and efficient other tether apps.

This is the list of barnacle tether apk app. If you want to get wireless access to share your net then we will suggest to you download this app and enjoy all these features.

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