Battery Changer

Battery Changer

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Publish date

Aug 19, 2018


Version 1.2.4



Updated date

Aug 19, 2018


Battery Changer by APKBucket Editorial

This application , overlay to the standard battery icon ,
change to the 100% battery icon from the standard battery icon in the status bar.
To change the standard battery icon is not easy.
but This application, Anyone can be easily changed.
also Never fill a little space of the status bar.

/************ How use ************/
After starting the application, checked start,
Please drag the icon up the dialog to the standard battery icon.
You can also set a number to specify a location.
When the full screen, and you will be hidden by double clicking the icon.
You can restart the notification list.

Please try us once.

******* Please read ********

If you have a kill app for the task system,Please do not stop this application.
Make a setting, This application is not stop.

We accept bugs and wishes.
Please send me an email anytime.
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