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Battery Widget Reborn (Free)
Battery Widget Reborn (Free)
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Dev: Tomas Hubalek Latest Version: 2.3.9/FREE Updated: Dec 22

Battery Widget Reborn (Free) Free APK Download for Android

Battery Widget Reborn (Free) is a smart widget for Android devices that allows you to place a cool widget showing information about the battery of your Android device. You can place a beautiful circle widget on the home screen of the device and thus you can easily stay updated about the status of your smartphone's battery. The size of the icon can be adjusted easily to better fit on the screen and this feature is available on Android 4.1 and up. In addition to this default icon, several other images are also there that can be used to match the screen styling of your smartphone.

Battery Widget Reborn (Free) provides an inbuilt battery lasting prediction that predicts how long your device can run with the current battery power. With the help of this information, you can manage things accordingly to ensure that your device doesn't turn off unless you find a charging source. To avail these and several other features, you can download Battery Widget Reborn APK file to install the app on your device.

Here is a summary of the features that this free app brings on your Android device.

Battery Widget Reborn (Free) Features:

  • Beautiful layout
  • Cool icons
  • Battery power-last prediction
  • Extended information about your device's power consumption
  • Power saving mode helps improve the battery life of your device
  • Text in certain parts of the app (i.e. in battery estimation information section) is customizable
  • Inbuilt torch and several other tools
  • and many more features

Download this app to optimize the power consumption of your Android smartphone as well as get extended information about the battery to improve its backup time. Download Battery Widget Reborn free version from our site APKBucket right away.