Blood Wallet (Donate Blood, Donate Life)

Blood Wallet (Donate Blood, Donate Life)

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Dec 15, 2018


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Dec 15, 2018


Blood Wallet (Donate Blood, Donate Life) by CallStem Softwares

Blood Wallet, is just an effort to contribute to making human life better. Every 3 seconds someone needs blood and every year our nation requires about 5 Crore units of blood, but
out of which only a meager 2.5 Crore units of blood are available.
People can find donors and blood banks easily because in emergencies every second matter a lot.
Now it is easy to keep track of your donation history, every time when you donate you can log details into app and track your activities. A donation calculator is used to calculate next donation date which is very helpful for regular donors.

Let's make world a better place, let's be kind and helpful, let's donate blood, let's donate happiness, let's donate life.....

Thanks for being the part of Blood Wallet Team :-)
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