Blue Light Filter for Eye Care for Android

Blue Light Filter for Eye Care
Blue Light Filter for Eye Care
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Dev: Hardy-infinity Latest Version: 2.5.1 Updated: Apr 16

Blue Light Filter for Eye Care Free APK Download for Android

Blue-light filter for eye care is designed to work in the category of hardy-infinity health and fitness which provides you a very good night sleep by its functions. Your eyes can be affected badly and you can ruin your sleep by using the mobile phone or tablet working through blue lights. The app is designed for adjusting screen color for reducing blue light and helps the user to relax and sleep.

Blue Light Filter for Eye Care Features:

  • Usage of app reducing damage to your eyes easily.
  • The app’s filter is made of natural color which gives the opportunity to the reader to read without difficulty.
  • Effectively adjust the screen color for reducing blue color and blocking every harmful effect on eyes.
  • The easy operation makes it easy for the user to turn on and turn off the app as per the requirement.
  • A variety of 7 different color filters is available with the option of adjusting the opacity of the filter.
  • The choice of showing or hiding filter icon on the status bar of your mobile phone helps in adjusting the setting of the app at any time you want.
  • Automatic startup options are available which reduce your stress of performing the application, again and again, each day.