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Blue Light Filter-Night Mode apk

v1.2.3 (Updated Apr 16, 2017)

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Blue Light Filter-Night Mode Description

Blue Light Filter-Night Mode app is designed to work in the category of leap fitness group health and fitness. The app is developed by considering the state of tired eyes during night reading on the Smartphone and sleeping issues after long hours of using mobile phones which are caused by blue light from the phone. The blue light filter of this app adjusts the screen to natural color so it would not convey threats to retinal and neurons resulting in improvement of sleep.

Blue Light Filter-Night Mode Features:

  • Provide protection to your eyes while using mobile phone through reducing blue light
  • Night mode screen shift provides protection to eyes
  • Help you in sleeping easily as there is no effect of harmful lights of a phone.
  • Saves the power of mobile phone because of reduction of screen blue light
  • Not difficult/ very convenient to use the handy buttons and auto timer
  • Build-in screen dimmer in the app as the user can adjust the screen brightness and feel it easy to read
  • Easily adjustable filter intensity that can be done by sliding the button¬†¬†
  • Save eyes from all the short-term and long-term threats and reduces your worry of quitting reading on the mobile phone.

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