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CameraFi - USB Camera / Webcam

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Aug 14, 2018





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Aug 28, 2018


CameraFi - USB Camera / Webcam by Vault Micro, Inc.

**[Notice] USB Camera Connection Is Not Supported in Android 9(Pie) Now.
-CameraFi cannot support USB camera connecting feature in Android 9(Pie). If you're connecting USB camera, please do not update your Android version to 9(Pie).
We are reviewing a way to make USB camera compatible with Android P version.

CameraFi is an app to display and record video, take a picture from a USB UVC camera which is connected to android phones or tablets.

Partnerships and library use, please contact the following e-mail.

* Specificatons *
- Do not need root device.
- Supported video size: SD(640x480), HD(1280x720), Full HD(1920x1080) and more.
. It depends on screen resolution supported by a USB camera.
- Video & Audio Recording.
. CameraFi supports UVC (USB Video Class) and UAC (USB Audio Class)
- (Broadcast Live Streaming) => Please e-mail us.
- Still image capture.
- Display USB camera connection status.
- Switching a camera when multi USB cameras connected.
- Recorded video and captured image file viewer.
- Set image and video file prefix
- Set capture and recording using volume key.
- Check app update.
- Item Shop
- Ruler Plug-in

* Restrictions *
- Connectable USB cameras are not restricted.(But your device have to support USB OTG.)
- Please check the following webpage if your usb camera is on the list of tested devices
- Displaying our logo image and include the image when capture still image.
- CameraFi does not support video recording option in Android Nougat.
(CameraFi2 will be released in April.)

[Permission Details]
- RECORD_AUDIO : To record sound
- GET_ACCOUNTS : To automatically input email address while signing up

* Others
The following sets forth attribution notices for third party software that may be contained in portions of the CameraFi.

- libusb
- libuvc
- libjpeg
. This software is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group.
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Updated on Aug 28, 2018

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Updated on Aug 14, 2018

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