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Android 4.0 and up

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Current APK version of Captain America: TWS is 1.0.3a and the APK was last updated on May 3, 2019, 10:11 a.m..

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A very famous, fantastic and worth playing game, Captain America is not dependent on any introduction. A wide range of people plays it throughout the world. So what are you waiting for??? Play this game as a Captain America and head your S.H.I.E.L.D. Strike Team as they struggle to contain a massive attack on the World by several reprehensible crime organizations. You have to bring the attacks to an end and then take the battle to your enemies. Captain America is a strategic avenger. It must use its designed skills while it gives instructions to its Strike Team. It commands and directs its team to fight threats on every front. You are supposed to develop and expand your agents into a powerful fighting army. Whenever you find the situation is getting against you, then you can pop in Black Widow and Falcon to lend you a hand to overcome it. Play the game as per your expertise. You can expose your villains at the back of these blatant attacks. Besides, unknot and get the bottom of their plans. Moreover, you can discover how the Winter Soldier can be helpful and fit for you to resolve the problems and other schemes. 

You will need to have an internet connection to play Captain America. It has got the powerful combat actions also a lot of tactical options. In the beginning, you lead your Strike Team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Then you fight the way you want through many enemy types using force or duplicity. It is up to you how smartly you use your indestructible shield and skills as a great captain and an Avenger. You can also call an Avenger on to assist you. Captain America is a 100 percent marvelous and fantastic experience. It has got very enchanting graphics as well. The Comics directly inspires the art of this game and its graphics. Captain America is based on original action story, and it is co-written by Marvel Comics, and its writer is Christos Gage. There are many exciting villains in it such as King Cobra, Puff Adder Winter Soldier, taskmaster and much more.

You can play it with your friends as well in multiplayer. With the help of Asynchronous multiplayer, you can join a Clan and fight with your opponent players. You can also level yourself up. So go up the league leader boards of Captain America. Besides, you can get cool rewards for your performance in limited-Time Events. You can enhance your power, for instance, your agents and weapons for the best performance in battle. On the other hand, you can learn more innovative techniques of fighting to super charge Cap’s attacks. Moreover, there are varieties of Captain America’s suits. You can upgrade and unlock them. Plunge yourself more into this game and you can have more skills and other items that help you progress in the game.

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