Card Wars Kingdom APK

Card Wars Kingdom
Card Wars Kingdom
4.55 (20)
Dev: Cartoon Network Latest Version: 1.0.10 Updated: Apr 16

Card Wars Kingdom Free APK Download for Android

Card wars is the favorite of millions and people have reviewed is as the most amazing game with stunning features. Take the game to the next level with all new and amazing Card Wars Kingdom. Amazing combats, electrifying action, ambitious heroes and what not, this game has everything for you. Features of this game are as follows.

  • This amazing game is free of cost but worth the cost at the same time.
  • There are some items that can be bought with real money but that depends on the user.
  • You have all the rights to assemble your teams and fight the card wars.
  • Conquer the stages and unlock the amazing powers and spells to become ultimately stronger.
  • With all newer powers, fight the enemies like never before.
  • You can also play the card wars with your friends by inviting them. You can share creatures to get points and rewards along with borrowing new creatures from friends.
  • You can collect so many creatures including Husker Knight and Cool Dog.
  • You can play and unlock new powers and abilities.
  • You can also unlock new cards by playing well.
  • You can also merge the creatures together to make them even more powerful and strong.
  • You can chose your favorite characters and decide who you are going to play as. There are so many options to choose from like Finn, Jake, BMO etc.
  • Every hero has different abilities and cards.
  • You can discover new amazing heroes that are even more powerful.
  • You can challenge your own self by testing your skills in the card wars.
  • You can compete in regular dungeon challenges.
  • Win and earn rare cards from the kingdom.
  • Be the pro and rule the kingdom.

Download the Card Wars Kingdom and master the skills to rule the card wars world.