Celsius Network Crypto Wallet - Earn Interest

Celsius Network Crypto Wallet - Earn Interest

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Nov 08, 2018


Version 2.1.0



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Nov 08, 2018


Celsius Network Crypto Wallet - Earn Interest by Celsius Network

Hey there HODLers. Deposit your coins and earn up to 5% interest a year. You can also apply for a loan using your crypto as collateral.

For Crypto to continue to spread and gain traction we've got to bring the next 100m people into the crypto community. That's why we're building Celsius. We aim to bring a new wave of financial products to the market designed, for the first time, to always do what's in the best interest of its members instead of trying to make as much profit as possible.

When you join the Celsius Network, you'll be able to track your portfolio of coins and use our fully functioning wallet to deposit and withdraw your Ethereum and Bitcoin, and track them over time.

While we work on adding our CEL token to our wallet, in this updated version of the app we are offering you the ability to sign up and save your place in line.

Based on the coins you add to your portfolio/wallet and the amount of time you've been part of the Celsius community, you'll be able to see how big a loan you'll be able to get against your crypto and how much interest you could earn later this year, once these features go live.

Our team is already working hard on the next release, so expect a bunch of updates of the app in the upcoming weeks and months.

We love getting your feedback so please email us or contact us on Telegram with any suggestion or features you'd like for us to add.
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