Classic Bomber

Classic Bomber

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Aug 19, 2018


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Aug 19, 2018


Classic Bomber by APKBucket Editorial

Surrounded by enemies and there is no way to go and only bombs are left with you. You are in great trouble now! Wat would you do to save yourself? Oh, cut the crap please you have the mighty bombs just blow up your enemies and make your own way in Classic Bomber. No need have to worry about enemies because you are going to blow them up, but be careful while you are planting bombs for the enemy because you can be the victim of your own bomb.

So use your own tactics against the enemies in Classic Bomber and draw them out from there save zones and surprise them and let them the taste of your delicious bombs. Download the APK of Classic Bomber and enjoy one of the most interesting arcade game for smartphones.

Gameplay and Controls.

In Classic Bomber, you just need to save your hero from enemies who are looking for him everywhere, be cautious and anticipate their moves and plant bombs In the path they follow and with the boom get rid of them. It is very good that you take more than 1 enemy in a single blow but 1 at a time is much better because it ensures your safety.
The Classic Bomber controls are very simple and easy and provided on the touch screen. On the left side, the button is provided for movement in all directions and on the other side, a button provided for planting the bomb.

Game Features.

• Easy to play and understand.
• Simple controls for planting the bomb and movements.
• Multiple stages with different difficulty level.
• Make your own tactics draw the enemies from there save zones.
• Awesome Graphics and texture quality.

So download the APK file right now from our website and enjoy the Classic Bomber, keep visiting for more new and interesting application for your Smartphone and tablets

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