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Classics Words Solo Description

Classic Words Solo is one of the best word games to play on your smartphones or tablets. Having played it more and more, you can enhance your vocabulary effectively. The language is not only English Spanish, Italian, French, German, Dutch, and Polish. There are six hard levels in the game. Just download the app and try out Classic Words Solo for instant fun. You can have lots of fun here and play amusingly, even if you are a Scrabble tournament player or a beginner in crossword games. You can buy the Buy Classic Words Plus for more exclusive features. Besides, there is Pass-and-Play option which is made for two players. There are no third party ads entertained hence you can enjoy the game without any ads interventions. Classic Words Solo lets you have a view of your scores before you validate a move.
There are different levels of game from beginner to expert according to your expertise. So, just select the level as per your ease or enjoyment and start playing it. Then you will pick a word list and bring into use your strategy skills to attempt and defeat the Droid. The ‘Classic Word Solo’ is the great app for crosswords board games. If you are into board games, you will love the app.
Classic Words Solo is also the educational game app. You can quickly improve your vocabulary and spellings. In the app, no cheating is possible. Blanks and letters are always selected randomly, and the artificial intelligence of the computer does not know more than yours. Here, only your creativity, strategies and tactics can make the difference.
Following are the features of the Classic Words Solo. You can display the definition of words by swiping them, quit and resume game whenever you want. Besides, there are six levels of difficulty, shake to shuffle. The languages and dictionaries the app supports are the following, English
- SOWPODS 2015 (Official English tournament list), - German (with support of Umlauts, and Ezset to be replaced by two 'S'), TWL 2014 (Official list), French (Official list used in Scrabble tournaments)
, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish. You can also play the app offline. Distribution of letters and points is personalised to the languages.


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