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Using an Android device might have you sometimes encounter the problems of becoming lag-gy, and getting frozen when you were so interestingly doing some fun thing. It may also tell you that you don’t have any more space to take pictures when you suddenly met your favorite person at a market and decided to take a selfie or may stop you from installing new apps, your battery might start draining quicker than before and your device might get heated up when you had just started winning your favorite game and now you need to stop to let it cool down for a while.

Another important problem that smart device users face is that their friends and the snoopy like keep an eye on their device and want to poke their noses in whenever they get the chance. All of these problems can be very easily solved by just the world’s most trusted Android optimizer, battery saver, available free anti-virus app, and speed booster. And all of these useful components are found in one place that is; Clean Master. This Android app has more than 600 million users which helps them accelerate and clean up their Android devices to make their smart device usage smooth and without any hindrances.Here’s what Clean Master does;

It secures your private data with the Applock feature. AppLock makes guarding your privacy easier than ever. It can lock Messages, Contacts, Gallery, Facebook and any other app you choose, thus saving you from snoopy eyes.

Battery saver is another useful function of Clean Master that helps analyze your Android device’s battery status and by sending the running apps to hibernate to save power. With this you can extend your battery life in just one tap.

Clean Master can efficiently delete cache and residual files created by a lot of apps as junk, to reclaim storage of your device, thus boost speed and improve the performance of your Android device and SD Card.

Another effective feature of Clean Master is CPU cooler which hunts and finds the apps that cause your device to heat up, it then stops these apps and makes your battery last long.

Clean Master keeps your Android device secure through AV-Test ranked #1, professional quality antivirus service that scans your device in just 8 seconds and much faster than the other paid antivirus apps. It secures your Android device from Trojans, susceptibilities and other spywares.

For game lovers, Clean Master has the best gift; Game Booster function improves your game speed by 30% and more.

With Clean Master you can manage your apps real easy. You can uninstall unwanted apps and back up the important ones. Clean Master’s own Pick section allows you to find useful apps to match your interest. With this, some Android rooted devices will be able to move apps to the SD card as well. Finally iSwipe is the one thing that will allow you quick access to other apps and tools without having to go back to your homescreen.

Having said these, you can download Clean Master’s APK file from this website and secure your Android device in every way possible.

Developer: Cheetah Mobile


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