Clear Master - Clean & Booster

Clear Master - Clean & Booster

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Aug 19, 2018


Tools Group


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Aug 19, 2018


Clear Master - Clean & Booster by Tools Group

Clear master is one of the most popular and amazing cleaning application available around the market. The lightest and fastest cleaning application that frees up your memory and delete all the useless files to make your phone fast and smooth. Clean Master is designed perfectly to meet your device's requirements.  This practical system cleans your Gadget completely.

Not every Android User know how to manually clear up junk files from your phone. Not all of you know that you have to manually clean your device from every little corner of it. And for this purpose, Clean Master is here to offer you the amazing services. It cleared all the app caches and residual files. It clearly knows how to track and clear the hidden use less data. It makes your device storage free and allows him to enjoy a healthy green environment.

This app optimizes your phone in a single click. You can literally clean all the background tasks and a single click. It saves all your time and effort and boost your phone automatically. All the junk files get out of your phone. It deletes your search history, internet browsing and stuff. It scans your phone for spam messages and clipboard records to clear them up that lead to an amazing boost in your phone's speed.

Not only cleans your phone but it also optimizes your battery in a way to make it last longer. It tracks and wipes all the cached data from your phone. This app clears all the precious taken up space from your phone and allows you to add more useful stuff. Your phone get faster and the performance gets smoother like the day you bought the phone. This application support different languages including English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish Etc. 

Download the APK file of Clean Master and boost up your phone like crazy.


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