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Color Switch

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Aug 19, 2018


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Aug 19, 2018


Color Switch by APKBucket Editorial

I am a big fan of Android puzzle games and love writing about them. Quiet recently while searching for hard but entertaining puzzle games I came across this beautiful puzzle game. This game is colorful as its name suggests and a real gift for the puzzle lover. Name of that game is Color Switch and today am going to discuss a lot about it. You can download the free color switch APK at the end but first, let’s talk about this wonderful game in this short review.

Color Switch Game Modes Review.

Gameplay: Of this game, gameplay is quite simple but a really challenging one. You will need to keep bouncing the ball by tapping the screen until the ball faces a color same as the ball’s color and then you will pass through that obstacle. For instance, if the color of your ball is yellow or red or green then you will have to pass through the obstacle of the same color such as yellow or red or green respectively.

Each time you pass through an obstacle you will gain a score. Pass as many as hurdles to score more and more. Control on the tapping, smooth touch screen, and the presence of mind are the key elements that you need to play this game. Your mind might lose balance when you first start the game because you just don’t that easily understand the patterns.

Initially, the hurdles are quite the easy ones. You will be able to easily pass through the circular or square color patterns. But as you go higher, you will face more and more challenging obstacles. You will have to stop for a moment while controlling the ball in the air without passing to understand the path to cross the present challenge. And this is how you will progress through game. The game will be over as soon as you pass through the obstacle of the wrong color.  Play more and more, become an expert and challenge your friends by connecting to leaderboards.

Controls: There aren’t any complex controls in the game. Simply continue tapping the screen to keep the ball jumping in the air. It will take you time much time to have a correct understanding of the distance of the jump and tapping.

Color Switch APK online Reception.

The game got much acclaim from the gaming circles and experts. Considered being of the best puzzle yet enjoying games so far. It holds a Google Play Store rating of 4.4/5 having 42,370 five star votes from the users which are very impressive.


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