Commando 1945

Commando 1945

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Aug 19, 2018


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Aug 19, 2018


Commando 1945 by APKBucket Editorial

Solder! Your country needs your services, grab your weapon and go to the battlefield and fight for your motherland. Enemies are showing no mercy on your country putting everything they possess against our soldier. Don’t waste the time because with each second enemies are proceeding towards capital and soldiers are in great danger too. You are our best and bravest commando we are ever had and we are counting on you. Pick up your gears like grenades and pistol with unlimited ammunition.

So join the forces right now in Commando 1945 and download its APK file lead your pack of soldiers and tear apart enemy defense lines and give them a good lesson to remember that defense line of this country can be breached due to brave Commandos like you.

Game Play

Commando 1945 is the 2D game and have great appeal for arcade action game lovers. You won’t get bored in the single second of the game due to its continuous action and outstanding story. You are the part of the deadliest and fierce Commando squad of the Army and you are the best among them, so your leader send you on the mission to tear apart the enemy defenses and take down the enemy commander.

The controls of Commando 1945 are very simple and easy, movement buttons are provided on right side of touch screen and on the other side grenade and shooting buttons are provided. Initially, you will possess only a few grenades and a pistol because the smart and dangerous commando only needs basic weapons to tear down the enemies. On your mission, you will find the variety of weapons which will help you to take down the enemies tanks and other vehicles.

So join the battle in Commando 1945 by downloading its APK file from our website and keep visiting for more new Apps for your smartphone.

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