Cookie Crush Blast

Cookie Crush Blast

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Aug 16, 2018


Version 1.7.3



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Aug 16, 2018


Cookie Crush Blast by LET'S FUN - publisher of match

Tina was obsessed with the production of various types of cookie from childhood. In order to learn more methods of magic cookie, she found a magic candy town called Cookie Crush in a magic book. In the town, Tina can study rare cookie methods of manufacturing the world’s super delicious cookie. And then Tina started her journey of learning.

However, in the process of making cookie, various obstacles always be encountered: Jerry, the most annoying bad mouse, often steal the finished cookie away in Tina’s inattention moment. Let’s help Tina!

Game features:
1. Upgrade all kinds of cookie to the highest level;
2. Fun, relax and delicious;
3. Various way to play and barriers make you can’t stop;
4. And more challenging battles in the town when you help Tina fighting with Mouse Jerry!

Come and join us, and more suggestions from you.
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