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May 15, 2019, 7 p.m.






Android 5.0 and up

Device Info 360 - Hardware, Software, Root Info (APK) Details:

Current APK version of Device Info 360 - Hardware, Software, Root Info is 2.5.4 and the APK was last updated on May 15, 2019, 7 p.m..

Device Info 360 - Hardware, Software, Root Info for Android Highlights:

  1. Device Info 360 - Hardware, Software, Root Info APK install size is 3.2 MB
  2. This app is from Vishtek Studios LLP
  3. There are 5 screenshots available
  4. Main category is Tools and parent category is Apps
  5. Last updated date is May 15, 2019, 7 p.m.

Know everything about your Android™ device with Device Info 360. Know all the essential details of your device, view, manage or share apps and check your device for root access.

💡 Features of Device Info 360:
🔹 Three apps integrated into one suite:
1️⃣ Device Info 📱:
▪️ Get all the essential details (HW and SW info) about your phone with Device Info.
▪️ Know your phone's processor(CPU), RAM, SOC, GPU, storage, network 📶, battery 🔋, sensor, real-time RAM/CPU usage and S/W information.
▪️ Displays list of all sensors. Search/filter sensors by name.
▪️ Supports all the themes with a full night mode.

2️⃣ App Manager 🔣:
▪️ View and manage all your apps at one place with the App Manager.
▪️ View app related info, launch or uninstall apps with an intuitive interface.
▪️ Shows app count, installed and last updated date along with the version code.
▪️ Share apps with the App Manager.
▪️ Search and filter system/user apps through app search.
▪️ View app permissions, target SDK, activities, providers, receivers and services.

3️⃣ Root Checker #️⃣:
▪️ Know whether your device is rooted and check your device for root access.
▪️ Verify whether proper root (superuser or su) access is configured and working.
▪️ Simple, quick and reliable tool to check root access, root availability, busy box status and root path.

Other features :
🔹 Has an overview tab that shows real-time CPU and RAM usage
🔹 Device Manager with a clean, material design
🔹 Has 14 themes with a full Night Mode 🌜🌃 and an AMOLED theme
🔹 Built for everyone - Built for casual & power users, developers and device testers
🔹 Optimised to run on a wide range of low end devices with a small download size of 3.5 MB
🔹 Device Info 360 is optimised for tablets and Android™ Go

Device Info 360 reports the following information:
- Device Model, Manufacturer and Name
- Bootloader
- Display Size and PPI
- Display Resolution and type
- Android Version Name, Code, Board Code
- Soc Info

- CPU Hardware (SOC Manufacturer)
- Per Core CPU clock speed(Real time)
- Number of CPU Cores
- CPU Features
- CPU Architecture
- CPU Variant

- Device RAM
- Actual Available RAM
- Used RAM
- Free RAM
- GPU Vendor
- GPU Renderer
- Vulkan support

- Battery Level
- Battery Type
- Battery Temp
- Power Source
- Battery Status
- Battery Voltage
- Battery Health
- Max Charging Current

- Internal Storage(total, used & free space)
- External Storage(total, used & free space)

- Network Connection status
- Network type
- Data type(WIFI/4G/3G/2G)
- IP Address

- No. of sensors
- Sensor Vendor, version and int type
- Search/Filter sensor by name

- Gyroscope
- Accelerometer
- Barometer
- Fingerprint scanner
- Wi-Fi Direct
- Bluetooth LE

📝 Notes :
Device Info 360 is a standalone version of Device Info in 'Droid Insight 360' with App Manager. With Droid Insight 360 you get a fully comprehensive suite of five apps (File manager, Device Info, App manager, Benchmark & Dev tools). Get Droid Insight 360 at:

Android™ Lollipop 5.0(API 21) and up.

Device Info 360 is crafted with❤️ and passion for Android™. 💯 Enjoy using Device Info 360. 🙂

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© 2019. Device Info 360 is developed and published by Vishtek Studios LLP. 'Device Info', ‘Droid Insight 360’ and associated elements are owned by Vishtek Studios LLP. Vishtek Studios LLP is a registered, bootstrapped, self-funded and incorporated LLP. All rights reserved.

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