Ding Dong Adventure

Ding Dong Adventure

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Publish date

Aug 14, 2018


MI Digital


Version 1.0.4



Updated date

Aug 14, 2018


Ding Dong Adventure by MI Digital

Embark on an amazing adventure through the legendary world of Ding Dong on a quest to get back your stolen Ding Dong Bubble Gums.

Through the forest and over narrow bridges, our fearless cat hero is on a quest to rescue her favorite Ding Dong gum that have been stolen and are being taken across the world.

Explore the beautiful and adventurous world of Ding Dong with our fearless adventurer as she sets out to find what is rightfully hers.

· Experience an exciting mix between ACTION and Adventure.
· SEEK OUT and COLLECT all of the Ding Dong gums and bring them home
· COMPETE against the world and soar above the COMPETITION!
· Set off on a gorgeous adventure with AMAZING VISUALS

Jump into the action and battle the Rat armies and many other monsters in Ding Dong Adventures that will leave you humming the Ding Dong song.

Game available in: English.
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