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DNA Test Prank

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Aug 20, 2018




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Aug 20, 2018


DNA Test Prank by Bilaliapps

App Name: DNA Test Prank
By: Bilaliapps
Current Version: 1.1.4
APK Size: 7.56MB
APK SHA1 Hash: e1d587cab57d8e56ca18388addc7695b137f5a98
Added: 2017-07-28
Updated: Jul 28
Category: Entertainment
Supports: Android 3.0.x and up
Downloads: 0
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DNA scanner will scan your dna with your thumb impression and generate good results for you.
You will get scanner results after 100% complete dna scanning and you will see your dna matcher as a result.
This app has great fun to enjoy with DNA scanner free app.

Real Scan your DNA by pressing your thumb or finger.
The purpose of this app is just to entertain.

DNA Test will match your DNA with animals and birds with thumb impression and give you a fun to enjoy.
It is a just DNA Prank app for you to give a great laugh and make your mood happy.

DNA Test Features:

- This application DNA Test Prank will generate results with animals, birds randomly and show you an animal or - - - bird matched DNA with great sound.
- DNA test app for real.
- Tell your friends DNA and match Your friends DNA with animal.
- Dna matcher is full of fun and very enjoyable.
- Test your DNA with picture and sounds
- Just hold and press your thumb on the screen and get beautiful results.
- DNA test app scan your dna with picture and sound.
- you can select specific animal and tell scan DNA of your friend.
- This app will Scan your DNA with easy steps
- DNA Test is not 100% correct it is a just fun.
- This app will shock others by testing with DNA.
- Also play with your friends by testing DNA of your friends.
- It will generate your DNA report and match your DNA with animal and shock you.
- Match your DNA with animals and birds by pressing your thumb on mobile screen.
- DNA checker will display your DNA report results by pressing your thumb on the screen.
- This is an ultimate DNA scanner with your Fingerprint identification.
- Test your DNA report and keep smiling
- You can analyze of your DNA with your thumb scanner.
- Put your thumb or finger on screen and wait for the magic.
- This app gives relevant DNA identity by scanning your thumb.
- Just Put your thumb scan area and let the scanner to scan it and see your DNA match with.
- It is a prank and gives you a happy smile on your sad face.
- Fool any one to your friends or family with DNA matcher app.
- DNA Testing App will show you after scanning DNA and gives in result animal or bird.
- Shock your friends with DNA scanner.

Note: This app is only for fun and it is not for hurt to any person or violating any google policy. It is only for fun. Thanks
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