Driving in Car

Driving in Car

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Aug 19, 2018


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Aug 19, 2018


Driving in Car by APKBucket Editorial

What kind of driver you want to be? A Driver who loves to drive carefully and obeys the law, never cross the speed limit of current location and care for other cars and drivers or the furious one who want to fly on 4 wheels and break all the rules made for safety, never cared about the limits of speed anywhere and show other drivers who is boss on this road. Make your own choice from mentioned above in Driving In Car and enjoy the driving in the open city.  So it is up to you now that how you are going t drive your car in Driving In Car and download it’s APK file right now.

How to play?

Choose your own vehicle from the garage, either simple car or sports car it is up to your taste, and start driving in the open city and enjoy the ride according to your own ways. The controls are very simple and easy in Driving In Car, for accelerator and breaks controls are provided on the right side of the touch screen whereas steering controls are provided on the side of the touch screen and additional buttons are provided in different positions of the screen.

If you are a furious driver then don’t care about the police and rules then Driving In Car is the place you have to be, follow your own ways make steep turns at corners break the limits and show the cops that who is the real boss and they only kiss the dust off your tires.

Games Features

• Different view modes, the cockpit view for careful drivers and third men view for hardcore racers for a better view of situations and traffic.
• The best thing about Driving In Car is, its 3D graphics which let you feel the game and you will be lost in the city sceneries. 
• A variety of cars, chose according to your own taste and drive your dream sports cars and buy new ones to improve the collection. 
• Three different modes are available for all types of gamers, Taxi mode pick up passenger and take them to their destination in specific time, Free Drive mode, feel free and drive in the vast roads of the city and test the cops as well if they are capable enough to chase you down or try Quest mode for different missions.

So download the APK file of Drive In Car and keep visiting for more new and interesting apps for your smartphones.

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