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Aug 21, 2018


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Aug 21, 2018


DroidSheep by APKBucket Editorial

DroidSheep is an app to analyze the security of a network an Android device is connected to. This app filters the network and finds the vulnerable (unencrypted) connections to hijack Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networking accounts. Please note that DroidSheep APK fie might get flagged by any Antivirus software as a virus but it isn't a virus itself so feel risk-free while using this app. One more thing to keep in mind while using this app is to respect the privacy of others. Please use DroidSheep to analyze the network security loopholes only and never attempt to hijack anyone's account. Disclaimer: DroidSheep isn't developed by APKBucket and it has been referenced from this XDA forum post. You may consider participating in the discussions there if you have questions regarding the download or usage of this app.
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