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Easy Battery Saver
Easy Battery Saver
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Dev: AsEasy Latest Version: Updated: Jun 17

Easy Battery Saver Free APK Download for Android

Easy Battery Saver - A good battery life is what makes a phone worth keeping and this app helps you get that. Androids always work better if you have a handsome battery saver app installed in it and Easy Battery Saver is what you need. You can do quite a things with it. You can switch your WiFi on and off. You can maintain the screens brightness level. You can turn Bluetooth on and off. You can select the time when you want your phones screen to sleep. You can turn Active auto-sync on and off. You can switch your GPS on and off. Easy Battery Saver apk has all these features as shortcuts lying right there on your screen for you to perform these tasks with few touches. You are just a click away to get this handsome battery saver apk for your android.

Download the app for free and start saving battery power easily!