Easy DPI Changer [Root]

Easy DPI Changer [Root]

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Aug 14, 2018


Version 5.0.0



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Aug 14, 2018


Easy DPI Changer [Root] by chornerman_studio

- Change and reset DPI (included way for non-root Android 7.0+ users)
- Change and reset resolution
- Change and reset padding
- Calculate scaled DPI according to diagonal screen size and resolution
- Automatically set or reset screen configuration after boot
- Automatically reset all screen configuration in 15 seconds after applying values
- Check wm command availability before let you change anything
- View log

This application may brick your device or may not work properly. Correct value is required. You should keep default value in Settings, and also should enable Android Debug Bridge in Developer options or do some backup before using it. If anything go wrong, try to reboot your device first. If problem still not solved, try to reset your screen configuration via ADB by typing 'adb shell' [enter] 'su' [enter] 'wm density reset' (reset DPI) [enter] and/or 'wm size reset' (reset resolution) [enter] and/or 'wm overscan reset' (reset padding) [enter] or reinstall your OS. If you use a custom ROM, you can dirty flash your old ROM again to reset all screen configuration values. For more information, contact developer at chornerman.studio@gmail.com.

*Need root access

**Please review this application in English or Thai only. Review in other languages will be ignored.
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