Faveo Helpdesk Pro

Faveo Helpdesk Pro

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Oct 22, 2018


Version 4.9.5



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Oct 22, 2018


Faveo Helpdesk Pro by Ladybird Web Solution Pvt Ltd

To use this application please sign up on www.faveohelpdesk.com This android application will work with Faveo Helpdesk Pro Edition web based application.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Faveo HELPDESK provides Businesses with an automated Helpdesk system to manage customer support.

The word Faveo comes from Latin which means to be favourable. Which truly highlights vision and the scope as well as the functionality of the product that Faveo is. It is specifically designed to cater the needs of startups and SME’s empowering them with state of art, ticket based support system. In today’s competitive startup scenario customer retention is one of the major challenges. Handling client query diligently is all the difference between retaining or losing a long lasting relationship. The company is driven with passion of providing tools for managing consumer queries for strategic insights and helping companies take those decisive decisions.

Faveo can also be customised according to requirement and we do undertake such request.

Faveo is designed & developed by Ladybird Web Solution Pvt Ltd, and launched in October 2015.

Checkout the knowledge based and our Video channel to learn how to use Faveo and this mobile app.
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