Fidget Spinner: Finger Spinny Fidget

Fidget Spinner: Finger Spinny Fidget

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Aug 20, 2018


Version 1.3



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Aug 20, 2018


Fidget Spinner: Finger Spinny Fidget by APKBucket Editorial

Name: Fidget Spinner: Finger Spinny Fidget
Developer: IceBear Studio
Version: 1.3
APK Size: 15.55MB
APK SHA1 Checksum: f083ca32ee393741a48079bbce08883a7a39a129
Added: 2017-08-03
Updated: Aug 03
Category: Arcade
Min OS: Android 4.1.x and upFidget Spinner: Finger Spinny Fidget\s apk file has been downloaded 0 times so far and 100 votes are casted. Find data about Fidget Spinner: Finger Spinny Fidget at official Google Play page here


Fidget Spinner: Finger Spinny Fidget is a arcade game - a simulator of the popular figet spinner toy in your phone.

Do you know this game? It's a cool toy that's just twisted in your hand. Figet hand spinner is a toy that sits like a propeller on a person’s finger.

If you can not buy yourself a real spiner, then you can replace it with a virtual spinner in your smartphone.
Now with this simulator game, you don't need a real fidget toy.

Use your hand finger to swipe the spinner left or right, wait for it to stop and sweep the nice rewards. You have 20 seconds to test the best spinner.
finger spinner game will raise the mood, increase concentration, charge positive emotions and relieve your fatigue. Fidget Hand Spinner helps you relax and relieve stress with just a few simple spins
Swipe your finger as hard as you can to get high score. It is a toy for adults and children to spend time. You only need to spin this cool fidget cube in figet spiner game.
Choose your favorite hand spinner model and twist as quickly as possible. Relieve stress and spin to your heart’s content!
Here, you can have different spinners for free and spin them for as long as you want!

Fidgetspinner features:
16 cool types of fidget spinner model
Play with your friends and compete with them and compare your best scores.
Swipe left, swipe right, slide or scroll the fidget snipper to spin it.
Awesome views appear when you spin the fidget hand spinner hard.
Scroll the fidget spinner simulator as hard as you can to hit the best score.

You can stop chewing your pen or biting your nails and turn your boredom into fun! Start spinning with Fidget Spinner Spinny Finger
Let's play and have fun with the great spinning spiner on the bearing.

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