Fifa 14 by EA Sports

Fifa 14 by EA Sports

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Aug 19, 2018


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Aug 19, 2018


Fifa 14 by EA Sports by APKBucket Editorial

Android Market brings you the most authentic virtual football game of all times; FIFA 14. If you are a football fan you are definitely and absolutely going to love this game.

FIFA 14 lets you experience to the deepest core, the beauty of every pass, each strike and tackle as if it were a real football game. With its new touch control add ups, you are going to be taken to a whole new level of football playing while sitting on a comfortable couch and having your Android phone or tablet on the palm of your hand.

FIFA 14 is basically presented by EA Sports with tremendously excellent graphics, sound effects and color scheme.

FIFA 14 lets you experience the beauty of football with real players, which means you get to play around your favorite players in the field. It provides you with real teams and real football clubs from all around the world to make your experience all the more exciting.

FIFA 14 features more than 15,000 players in say 500 licensed teams and about 30 leagues. On this game you get to play in all your favorite premiers and leagues. You can play the English Premiership as well as La Liga from Spain and of course not forgetting the German Bundesliga and much more.

The coolest thing about FIFA 14 is that it lets you customize your team players and their uniform with a cool range of color contrast and logos.

It also has the most effective sound effects as the crowd roars beautifully and enthusiastically upon a goal and when the team you are playing earns a penalty kick. FIFA 14 even lets you see the reactions of the managers of the teams as you score well or put the other team in a difficult situation.

It is totally the game you love but with FIFA 14 you love football even more as it brings the player’s celebration upon making a goal etc to a reality. With the beautiful graphics combined with the sound effect, you get the feeling of actually being present at the stadium watching the match yourself.

The commentary on the game by actual commentators with their excellent real voice adds only much more beauty to the virtual game by making all the effects clearer and exciting.

FIFA 14 is the ultimate game for your Android tablet and phone. It is the best and most deserving of your leisure time. It lets you enjoy your favorite game as well as make the best use of your smart Android device.

We know that you want to have FIFA 14 right now. So before wasting anymore of your precious time, we bring you a faster way of downloading the game on your device by offering you the APK file to the game.

All you have to do is follow the link of APK download and get FIFA 14 on your Android device.

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