FrostWire - Torrent Downloader

FrostWire - Torrent Downloader

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Aug 19, 2018



Version 2.0.2



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Aug 19, 2018


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FrostWire Basic is an innovative BitTorrent Client. It is the most excellent and entirely free torrent downloader. It performs both MP3 Music and Video Downloading. If you are an everyday user, it is mainly designed for you. It will satisfy all of your speedy downloading demands. FrostWire is quite different from other torrents in the market like BitTorrent, uTorrent or Flud.  Using these torrents, you find the content having gone outside of the app and then you download it yourself. The process with these apps is quite knotty and takes a lot of time whether you are up to download a movie, music, any apps or even an eBook. On the other hand, FrostWire has made it way easier for you as it executes the heavy lifting for you. It hunts the multiple torrent indexes and gives you all the results right within the app. It separates the file types, and then you just need to click once to start downloading. It allows you to download music in mp3, ogg, mp4, flac, and m4a etc., and movies in mp4, 3gp, mov, avi, or mpeg files. Besides, you can play the files even when the file is downloading, which sounds comforting when larger files are downloading, HD movies or complete music albums, for instance.

FrostWire has a built-in media browser and music player, which makes it easier to access and play files in the app.  The basic version of FrostWire is unable to download from SoundCloud and YouTube now due to some reasons, but all of the other versions of it are entirely featured with YouTube Downloaders and BitTorrent Clients in one. In FrostWire, you can find all the Android and Desktop versions, and you can download them totally free. 

FrostWire is bestowed with amazing features. It has got built-in torrent in it that allows downloading on just one tap. There are games in it as well; you can play while your files are downloading. Furthermore, It has got a full marked music player with gesture support. There are easy search filters which search results by the file type such as Music, Documents, Videos, Applications, images, and Torrents, etc. You can open any .torrent file you want or just paste magnet link in Transfers for downloading. Download FrostWire APK file for free right away.

FrostWire can also opt for storage locations like SD Card or Internet Storage. Moreover, it saves money on your data connection for it has got ‘Wi-Fi Only’ mode in it. It does not allow any limitations on upload or download speeds. It has extensive download management options. You can easily rename, and delete your files in built-in media browser. Moreover, it supports UPnP and NAT-PMP. FrostWire allows you to discover Local Peer. Finally, it is very compatible and user-friendly app in all of its aspects. Grab the latest version APK file of Frostwire on this page and start grabbing content available on torrents for free.

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