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Fruit Frenzy

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Aug 20, 2018


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Aug 20, 2018


Fruit Frenzy by blastmatchgames

App Name: Fruit Frenzy
Developer: blastmatchgames
APK Version: 1.0001
File Size: 23.78MB
APK SHA1: 8c74fcbb5495e78347945f2d98d1b44a560bc02d
Published: 2017-08-01
Updated: Aug 01
Category: Casual
Supports: Android 2.3 and up
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in Fruit Frenzy you tap on 2 similar color candy to make them splash and collect blast toy to complete the 900 boom levels.
with special sweet jelly items and surprised you will be jolly when playing Fruit Frenzy forever with NO 5 LIVES system.
get your candy ready for a new crush with bomb and missiles that will help you solve the level puzzle.

To play Fruit Frenzy all you need to do is match 2 gummy to make them pop and do a match two, when the toy blast new gummy will fall down,
you will have to bring all the toys down to make a toy blast in some levels and in others you will have to collect the jelly and cookie to reach the goal,
to clear obstacles just make match two near them and they will pop and blast, make boom blast of 5 and more candy to get booster that will help you.

Fruit Frenzy have 900 amazing levels to play with unique objective and gameplay, you will have to toy blast all the toys,
collect all the wonderful sweet candies and cookies, clear the jelly lollipops and to be careful from the chocolate bonbon that can spread and block you,
there is also sugar candy that will wrap around your favorite candies and turn them to sugar.
what more can be asked from this excellent game that you must try!

Fruit Frenzy have many special features to unlock:
rainbow brush will color boom all the candy in the area and change them to different gummy color.
sugar hammer will crush and splash candy and donuts but it cant make toy blast.
magic witch saga star wand will cast a spell on a candy and make it crush and boom
chocolate bars and sugar cotton candy can spread and take over your gummy so make sure to make match two near them to make them toy blast.

Fruit Frenzy have wonderful sweet boosters to help you finish the level and clear a whole line to bring down the toy blast.
make match two of 5 to get star shooting rockets that will clear a whole line.
make match three of 7 to get bomb that will pop and blast all sugar donuts around it,
make match two of 9 to get special rainbow color bottle remedy that will change random cake color on screen to gummy color.
make more then 11 to create the cookie jam ball that send splashes to candy on screen and make them pop and blast, it will not toy blast.
you can also combine boosts to get a super lollipop boosts that clear all the jelly.
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