General Mathematics - QuexBook

General Mathematics - QuexBook

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Aug 15, 2018


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Oct 29, 2018


General Mathematics - QuexBook by PERC Learning Portal

QuexBook is a mobile learning module patterned on the Department of Education’s K12 Curriculum Guide (DepEd K to 12 CG) designed to enhance and strengthened knowledge about various subjects in Junior High and Senior High Subjects.

General Mathematics is composed of almost 1270 questions with solutions and is equivalent to 1400-page Book.

It contains the following topics:

I. Functions and their Graph
II. Rational Functions
III. Inverse Functions
IV. Exponential Functions
V. Logarithmic Functions
VI. Simple and Compound Interest
VII. Annuities
VIII. Basic Concepts of Stocks, Bonds, Business, and Consumer Loans
IX. Propositional Logic , Syllogisms, and Fallacies.
X. Key methods of Proof and Disproof
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