Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash

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Aug 19, 2018


Version 2.011



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Aug 19, 2018


Geometry Dash by APKBucket Editorial

Geometry Dash - Fun platformer for Android, in which you need to jump and fly through various hazards. This is a simple game in one swing with lots of levels that will entertain you for many hours. You will enjoy unforgettable game dynamics, and a very attractive gameplay.


Geometry Dash is one of the most challenging platformer on Android that offers beautiful graphics and simple controls.


We are waiting for 18 beautiful levels, each of which are crammed with a variety of obstacles that must take place. Play we are offered a cube that can jump and does it with pleasure. At first, the gameplay can't be complex, but once you pass half the level of the hardest, speed increase, and the obstacles will be varied.


As you progress through the game, you should be careful because you need time to jump and try not to crash into acute triangles and many other obstacles will immediately end the game and we have to start from the beginning. The game has beautiful stylistic design and nice dynamic soundtrack, which is played depending on the covered path.

Control box: you just press on the display, and if you want to hop several times in a row, you should just click on the display and hold your finger on it.


Get ready for the impenetrable at a first glance test, that filled the world of Geometry Dash. Dangerous road pointed obstacles will help sharpen the already excellent skills to learn to jump, to fly skillfully and make a dizzying pirouettes.


Graphics and sound

Download Geometry Dash – so to get a excellent rhythm-platformer with incredibly colorful, pleasant graphics and a unique soundtrack.



Relatively simple game in the style of One Touch (one touch), which has a large number of levels. Just touch – just play!



You can create your own levels with the help of special editor.

There are many awards and achievements.

In-app purchases that do not exist!

Opening a new colors and icons, you can customize your own character.

In the game Geometry Dash for Android you will fly on the rocket, change the gravity and get a bunch of awards.


The installation guide of the game?

If you download apps using your tablet or phone and see a message "download Failed" then install Opera Mobile or Chrome and try using one of these browsers if the download still fails, check write permissions to the folder to which download files.

To decompress zip archives on your phone, use ES file Explorer

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