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Aug 21, 2018





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Aug 21, 2018


Google Camera by APKBucket Editorial

Google Camera definitely seems a heavy keyword since when something has Google attached to it, you know we are about to get something real whether those are the apps or other online services. Now you will definitely want to about Google Camera and some people already know about it since they are already here to get it but of course we are going to tell you about it first. Well, Google Camera is a camera which is supported by androids and Google Nexus phones. By installing this app on your android smartphone device, you can have access to a number of great camera features which you don't find normally in the built-in camera apps on most phones. Because this app is made optimal for Google Nexus and Pixel devices mainly, that is why its best use can be made when you download and install this app on these devices and then use the camera using this version. It has recently been reported that Google Camera has finished its support for every android devices except its own devices such as Google Nexus and Pixel. Now, this might not be a good news for the users of the Android, however, if you are on the Android version older than 4.4 then you guys still have the hope because it was working fine till these versions and may still work as well. So, if you are feeling excited about installing Google Camera app, download the free Google Camera APK right now from our website and install the app on your android smartphone device to begin fun with taking some cool pictures. Once we are done with the introduction and important info about the app, let us now discuss some of the major features of it.


Here is a list of all the major features of Google Camera.


  • Google Camera allows you to take pictures and make the best use of your camera in the Google Nexus and Pixel devices which are the company's own smartphones.
  • Since Google wanted to finish the support for another android device, the app got removed from the play store, however, you can still get it by downloading the APK file for it.
  • This app is absolutely free to download and the greatest thing about it is that it widens your range of using your camera features.

So, what are you waiting for guys? If you are looking forward to giving some amazing fun to your camera, download the free Google Camera APK from our website and begin all the picture sniping fun.

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