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Google Fit - Fitness Tracking apk

v1.68.00-132 (Updated Jun 16, 2017)

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Google Fit - Fitness Tracking Description

To stay fit must be first priority of everyone because only a fit human being can survive in today’s world. To do this you will need to eat well, sleep well, regular sports and exercises, do walking daily and other such stuff that could keep you really fit. Now to stay track of how much you are doing for your fitness every day, you will need something that you could keep close and this is where Google Fit helps you. Download its latest APK now to stay fit and healthy.

Google Fit is an Android app that keeps the track of your everyday health activity. For example, how much calories are you burning? How much would that food benefit you that you have taken Etc. This app from Google is such a blessing because you can keep a balance between what you gain and lose on your daily health diet. To do this you will need to install this on your Android but first read about some of the features that this Google Fit provides.

  • Walking to a limit to burn the amount of calories you need to, must be kept on record. You must walk/run according to what you eat and what you need to burn. Doing too much could cause health damage too. That’s why you needed something to have a record of it and this what Google Fit gives you. It records all the distance you have walked/ran and then shows you how much calories have you burned. In this way you can keep record of how much you are doing to stay healthy
  • On Google Fit, you can set limit for calories that you need to burn or gain in order to stay healthy. This app will notify you when you have achieved your goal. In this way, you will be free of the tension of losing or gaining too much. This is such as amazing app, isn’t it?
  • It recommends you many things such as shoes that you should wear for walking or running, foot you should eat or leave in order to gain or lose weight, how much nutrition do you require according to your weight or health and many other stuff that is important to keep a healthy body

Google Fit is an app that has solved all the problems of nutrition that people were facing in order to stay fit and that just on your palms. So download this amazing app's APK right now on your phone and stay healthy!

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