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As everyone is in the know of the famous game ‘Hay Day’ by Supercell, that is not dependent on any introduction. There is no age limit for its players, anyone whether he is a young or an elder can enjoy it in the same way. It has now become one of the most popular games of the world. As the name reveals ‘Hay Day’ is the farming game having all the soothing and comforting characteristics of a farm, so a wide range of people plays it to have a calm and peaceful feeling of a ranch. While sitting in your chaise lounge, in this game you are able to thrive, boom, luxuriate, grow, expand and customize your farm by your own. It not only enables you to buy and sell crops and fresh goods with your neighbors and friends through your very own roadside shops but also allows you to carry out orders with your trucks and even by steamboats. On the other hand, you are free to build your town. You can also invite and welcome other visitors you like and have great fun with them. Beautiful color contrast and especially its greenery and attractive graphics have made it aesthetically pleasing to your eyes.

When you install the game, first of all, a scarecrow appears to teach and guide you how to hay or harvest your wild crops and wheat. Later then, you continue to execute your business by flogging and delivering those goods to your associates, and get coins. You use these coins to flourish your ranch and to accomplish some other things like; purchasing industries and more beautifying your farm and other things, so as to boom your business the way you want. It also has the ‘XP’ that is Experience Points; you buy with your coins to raise your level. Furthermore, there is a chat function available that you can use to help or comment your friends regarding their work.

Hay Day is a highly addictive game which does never let you get bored, by the dint of it; it has become the best farming game so far. Moreover, it is an excellent time killer and a superb companion of your solitude. The cute and funny animals of the farm let you laugh all the time by their hilarious structures and forms.

It is free to download on iPad, iPhone, and on other Android devices. It is very easy to use as well. It was released for Android on 20th November 2013. Being so user-friendly, fascinating, appealing and most played game, it has got a bronze award by Pocket Gamer on 16th April 2014.

Developer: Supercell



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