Fart Sounds : Fart Prank App : Whoope Cushion

Fart Sounds : Fart Prank App : Whoope Cushion

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Aug 15, 2018


KM Technology


Version 1.14



Updated date

Aug 15, 2018


Fart Sounds : Fart Prank App : Whoope Cushion by KM Technology

This App contains fart sounds of different kinds which you can listen to or you can
prank anyone with it using timer 🤣

Are you getting bored? Are you depressed? Laughter is something that is very healthy for your life so grab this whoopee cushion app and spread the laughter everywhere.

What you get with this ultimate Fart Machine app

⚫ Nice and clean User interface
⚫ Easy interaction with app
⚫ Fart Prank Timer
⚫ Whoopee cushion

This App has more than 50 high quality loud fart sounds.

- Hidden Fart – prank your friends with phone, hidden in your pocket.

- Fart Selection - be surprised by random fart

- Timer - let the fart explode after some time!

🔶To prank someone
🔶Go to Timer prank menu
🔶Set the countdown timer
🔶Chose any sound you want
🔶Press start and wait for the laughter 😂

All the fart sounds are named according to their expressions. Clean user interface allows you to quickly understand all the features of this Fart App

You can also lock your phone and after the countdown your phone will fart.
Don't forget to turn the volume louder if you wanna hear the sound louder.

Think of all the possibilities! You are sitting somewhere in a public place and the person next to you is annoying to you. Truth to be told, you have had it enough, It's embarrassing to gas in public but with this Amazing Fart Sounds app you don't have to worry, because this app will do everything for you. Just start the app, use soundboard or Fart Time Bomb and surprise them.
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